Underworld Awakens

Written by Zen Terrelonge

It’s not a remake and it’s not a prequel, it is in 3D though – well, 1/3 isn’t bad.

Underworld is back for a fourth outing in 2012 with Underworld: Awakening.

Kate Beckinsale’s gothic, vampire heroine Selene returns after her absence from prequel, Underworld: Rise of the Lycans and boy is she is pissed (that’s pissed as in angry, not drunk).

After waking up from a 12-year snooze, it would seem the humans (curse those blasted swines) have interfered in the battle between Vampires and Lycans.

I can only assume the reasons for the meddling involves a death wish because the crazed humans have begun to hunt the creatures of the night.

Some people just like to do things the hard way I guess.

The film looks just as dark as the previous trilogy – snarls, blood, leather and jumping from insane heights all feature in the trailer so sink your teeth in and take a look.

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  1. how can this not be a prequel to underworld evolution as it ended as selena and michael turned human because they killed william and marcus

  2. Sal bonney

    I thought Selene turned to ash at the end of the second movie

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