The Dark Knight Rises: New Catwoman images

Written by Zen Terrelonge

The Dark Knight Rises in my view is going to be one of the biggest summer films of 2012, but it has also got a lot to live up to in order to finish off the trilogy with a bang.

Posted by JustJared, new pictures have been taken from the set of Anne Hathaway in all her feline glory and yes – she has donned the Catwoman ears as a new addition so fans can retract their claws.

Fanboys boarded the moan train months ago, firstly for Warrior star Tom Hardy being cast as man-mountain Bane as they claim he is too small to pull off the look needed to play the hulking character.

Secondly, they have continued their tirade, this time against the stunning Anne, complaining she is the wrong choice to play Selina Kyle, but not only that, they have also slated the costume of her alter-ego Catwoman for… not having ears.

There’s just no pleasing some people is there, apparently it’s easier to just pick faults in a film that isn’t released for the best part of a year.

The photos also feature Batman played by Christian Bale and Commissioner Gordon played by Gary Oldman, who looks a lot livelier than he does in the trailer in which he rests in a hospital bed appearing to await a visit to Death’s door.

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  1. she looks fat.. i dont like her lol XD

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