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Official Men in Black 3 posters

Written by Zen Terrelonge

 Will Smith is something of a myth these days, you may even say He Am Legend.

The tache-sporting star hasn’t been seen in a film since Seven Pounds, which was released on UK shores back in early January 2009.

However, the screaming one’s next film Men in Black 3 is on the move and poised for release on 25th May 2012.

Smith will return as cocky Agent J who finds himself travelling back in time to save a younger version of his gruff mentor and partner Agent K, played by Josh Brolin (older version, Tommy Lee Jones) from another alien invasion.

TheMenInBlackSuitsAreReal was recently launched too.

It’s a viral Facebook page ran by BugEyes126, who thus far has said: “I’ve uncovered that there’s these Men in Black suits who monitor and police alien activity on earth. Up until now no one believes me, so I’m on a mission to prove that they’re real and that’s why I started this Facebook page. More soon.”

Check out the newly released posters below. Don’t stare for too long though, your head may explode.