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Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked film review

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(Rating: U, 87 mins) Written by Zen Terrelonge

Starring – Jason Lee, Justin Long, Matthew Grey Gubler, Jesse McCartney.

ALVIN! Yeah, there’s still lots of that.

The furry threesome – Alvin (Long), Simon (Grey Gubler) and Theodore (McCartney) – take their third big screen outing abroad to pastures new.

Well, it’s human father Dave (Lee) that takes them, along with The Chippettes – Brittany, Jeanette and Eleanor – who were introduced in The Squeakquel.

The six arrive at the dock of a cruise ship, but why six, who’s missing you ponder? Cue Alvin to come surfing down a rope to greet his exasperated family.

Both of the first two films were about establishing the characters and their love of music. Now that’s been done, Chipwrecked lets everyone relax and unwind. Of course, Alvin doesn’t do relaxing, and sets about causing mayhem aboard the ship in miniature Dennis the Menace fashion.

Dave offers Alvin an inch and naturally he takes it a mile and causes his fellow fuzzballs to fly overboard to be stranded on a tropical island. This leads his dad (and a familiar face) to follow after them on a rescue mission.

When the ‘munks arrive ashore, their youth is very much proven by way of their disorganisation and single-minded efforts of survival. And while they may think the island is deserted, it’s not as peaceful as it seems.

A number of mishaps call for character traits to be swapped and the opportunity to grow up, beyond the children that Dave sees them as.

While the franchise is memorable to today’s adults, it’s entirely aimed towards children with no hidden humour, providing a slapstick sing-song experience, one that’s likely to have parents drawing straws over who will take the young ones.

Children under eleven will likely enjoy it, but it’s equally plausible young teens and adults will want to steer clear.