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(Rating 15, 107 mins) Written by Zen Terrelonge

Starring – Zoe Saldana, Lennie James, Cliff Curtis, Amandla Stenberg, Jordia Molla.

Luc Besson, the pen behind the 100mph actions, From Paris With Love and Taken, quills another off the wall number with Colombiana.

It’s a classic story of revenge, with a star that smokes as much as their weapons.

Within the first five minutes, the bar is set with a brilliant chase scene. Beginning in Colombia of 1992, young Cataleya (Stenberg) goes on the run after witnessing her parents death at the hand of a mob boss’ number one cronie Marco (Molla).

Having been raised lovingly in a world of violence, young Cataleya demonstrates a head ready for self-preservation, much like that seen with Kick-Ass’ Hit Girl and Hanna.

Taken in by her uncle Emilio (Curtis) in Chicago, Cataleya has been scarred far deeper than Bruce Wayne was after seeing a parental demise, from the age of nine, she is determined she will have payback and demands her new guardian shows her the ropes.

Fast forward 15 years and Cataleya is all grown up, in the form of the foxy Zoe Saldana.

Don’t let her sultry looks or intoxicated act fool you though, the skills young Cataleya had as a child have developed tenfold to see that she has become a well-oiled machine. She is a ruthless killer on a quest to take down her parents murderer, whatever it takes.

Saldana usually plays a headstrong, independent woman and this is no different, the relentless Cataleya is a role she was born to play, doing so with ease and style.

With each kill assignment, our assassin leaves a calling card as bait to reel in the kingpin that stole her family and childhood, her perseverance pays off when she finally gets a bite.

Probably most famous for his appearance as Sol in Snatch, Brit James has hopped across the pond and not for the first time. Just like his role in The Next Three Days, he is once again a law enforcer on the hunt for a wanted criminal. He could well be the same character from TNTD, if of course the characters didn’t have totally different names etc. Who knows, his very own cop series could be on the cards.

It seems since Salt, everyone wants a piece of the female action genre e.g Sucker Punch and I say keep them coming (and they are, next up is Hardwire). There’s something incredibly cool (and sexy) about a woman that can kick bottom and look good doing it. It makes a wonderful change from a sweaty, unshaven, gruff chap blowing things up, of that I am sure. Unless it’s The Stathanator, I’ve always got time for his wild exploits.

Some may argue that Colombiana isn’t anything special, it’s certainly not unique, but it’s incredibly enjoyable.

I’d like to have seen some more hand to hand combat scenes, which Saldana is perfectly accomplished doing, but despite the lack of beatdowns, Colombiana is still thrilling, explosive fun.


Colombiana is available on DVD and Blu-ray now.


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