Joey vs Ricky: Best episode of TOWIE ever? (Aired on 26/02/2012)

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Written by Zen Terrelonge

The Only Way Is Essex; whether you love it our hate it, positivity seems to outweigh the negative, but if you don’t tune in, you’re probably just jel.

I personally am a firm fan. When the series first started I was loathed to watch it, despising the fact I was from Essex, but loathsome feelings I had towards Mark Wright and co soon changed to love for my fellow Essex residents.

Sure, they all have a ridiculous amount of money for twentysomethings, but I’m not bitter. Well, not that bitter, certainly not bitter enough to start torching Lauren’s Way or Deuces Bar.

Spoiler alert

So anyway, people are skeptical about the ‘realness’ of the show. I’d like to highlight that while some material has been set up “purely for our entertainment”, last night’s episode (Sunday, 26th February 2012) in my opinion was totally unanticipated by everyone. I am of course referring to the final scene and the duel between Joey Essex and Ricky Rayment (jerkoff).

It seemed pretty clear to me that Ricky was getting riled from the reddening of his face, to the sudden change of tact as he moved on from trying to dissolve the situation, to then making a mockery of Joseph. In fairness, when you’re in an argument though, it’s probably best not to refer to yourself in third person, but Zen Terrelonge is just saying that from an observational perspective.

But anyway, the lads were bickering about bitching behind each others backs and it seems that when Ricky started “digging out” Joey’s sister Frankie, Mr Essex saw the red mist and attacked Ricky.

Of course, this made for great viewing, being the first physical fight in the show’s running, unexpected and really putting the real into reality.

What do you think, TOWIE, true or false?

Oh and for those of you reading this, I’d like to confirm TOWIE should be pronounce TOW-E. Cheers United.

And if you missed it, check out the clip below, though I can’t be sure how long it will be live for.


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  1. well done zen love your comments on the TOWIE fracas, as usual great input , you make me laugh out loud, keep it coming

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