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Don’t be a fool, wrap your tool: MTV’s Geordie Shore mob launch Skins condom line

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Written by Zen Terrelonge

The latest of MTV’s Geordie Shore has just started airing, which will mean booze, feuds and sex, in no particular order.

With the stars of the show changing partners more often than they change their underwear, cast members Gaz, Scott and Vicky have become the new faces of the Skins condom line.

The trio simply contacted Skins following a tongue-in-cheek suggestion and the relationship was soon consummated.

Geordie Shore skins-condoms-protect

Rather fittingly, a recent Skins survey found that Newcastle is considered the most ‘sexually promiscuous’ (or slutty) city in the UK.

Gaz, said:I’m a young man with the best job in the world, loving life and learning from my experiences. And one thing I have learnt is to protect my parsnip. If you are having sex, make sure you do it with a condom.”

Vicky, added: “It’s not just a message for guys. It’s a girl’s responsibility to always use a rubber too. Rates of STIs and unplanned pregnancies are ridiculously high in the UK – so don’t be a fool, wrap your tool.”

She’s not wrong – STIs are up five percent on 2012.

The Geordie Skins range retails at between £2.99 and £6.99 and can be purchased online from Skins, Amazon and more.