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Why you need to get past the fact Fantastic Four reboot’s Johnny Storm is black and Sue Storm is white

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Written by Zen Terrelonge

You may have seen that the cast of Chronicle director Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four reboot has been confirmed today – sort of.

Variety reports that Kate Mara and Michael B. Jordan will play siblings Sue Storm/The Invisible Woman and Johnny Storm/The Human Torch respectively, while Miles Teller and Jamie Bell are expected to sign on as Reed Richards/Mr Fantastic and Ben Grimm/The Thing.

Now, I’ll address the elephant in the room by noting that while the Storms are usually depicted as white, which Mara is, Jordan is, dare I say, black.

Fantastic four reboot cast

Naturally, fans have gone berserk crying that it’s political correctness gone mad and asking how they can possibly be siblings if they’re different races.

Speaking from my own personal experience, if you look at top of the page (hi, that’s me) or the photo below, you’ll see my skin tone matches Jordan’s.

Oh and the girl in the picture with me is my sister.

Fantastic Four 0822667_824946403_n

While, we’re not blood-related, we’ve been raised together since we were children and grew up as brother and siter. Blood wouldn’t make us any closer, ergo I imagine a similar dynamic will be applied to the Storms.

But wouldn’t it be great if there wasn’t an explanation written into the script?

Idris Elba caused commotion when he was rumoured to play James Bond and when he joined Thor as Heimdall and there was similar animosity towards Brandon T. Jackson when he was cast as Grover in Percy Jackson and with Laurence Fishburne when he was named Perry White in Man of Steel.

You can’t refuse someone a job based on gender or colour in the real world, should Hollywood be exempt from following the rules if someone is up to the task?

Interestingly Jordan and Teller can be seen together in That Awkward Moment, which is in cinemas now.

But if we’re picking from the pool of colleagues, their co-star Zac Efron would have also been a good candidate for Johnny Storm, doing a fine job of portraying an arrogant hothead in the film – my review here.

Fantastic Four is due for release on 19th June 2015.