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Eight reactions to Sam Pepper’s US ‘fake hand ass pinch prank’ (now removed by YouTube) from women in the UK

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Written by Zen Terrelonge

Sam Pepper is a former Big Brother housemate and YouTuber, whose experimental video-based pranking exploits have generated him over 2.4 million YouTube subscribers, 1.1 million Twitter followers and 690,000 Facebook likes, even though he has really, really bad hair.

Sam Pepper fake hand ass pinch

See what I mean about the hair?

However, his moment of social media stardom appears to have run out, as his latest video, entitled ‘fake hand ass pinch prank,’ which sees him sweep the streets of America grabbing unsuspecting females’ behinds, has gone down like warnings of a local horny twenty-something man touching women inappropriately.


Sure enough, #ReportSamPepper trended on Twitter as guys and girls from across the globe voiced their disgust, and YouTube has now removed the video, citing a violation of sexual content policies.Sam Pepper fake hand ass pinch YouTube

All of Pepper’s victims seem to awkwardly laugh it off and hurry away rather quickly, and I couldn’t help but wonder if it’s the American way to keep so cool in situations like that or whether it was clever editing to make it look like no harm or upset was done.

I reached out to several no-nonsense female friends from across the UK to ask the following with the accompanying link: “A guy from YouTube has gone around pinching girls’ bums as part of a video ‘prank’ to capture their reactions. How would you feel if a stranger grabbed you like that for a joke? What would your reaction be? How/can he redeem himself?”

The eight responses are as follows…

1. Carly

Well, I actually got “pinched” on Friday night by a random guy, and it really did not go down too well! Joke, prank or not, I do not feel sexual harassment is funny! Also if i was being videoed and publicly humiliated on top of being violated, this would only add to my anger and I reckon I would end up knocking him out. The only way this man can redeem himself is if he meets victims that have been sexually abused and realises what a disgusting human being he is!

2. Emily

I’d punch him into next week, give him a load of abuse and wouldn’t give a shit what he says, there’s no redemption from there. I can take a joke and prank, but these girls are strangers, nobody knows their past or present situations. It could be potentially dangerous for the bloke too.

3. Corinne

If someone pinched my bum randomly, my immediate reaction would be to assume it was one of my girlfriends because that’s what we do anyway as a laugh, so I’d end up looking around for one of them.

But if I turned around and saw it was some random guy I’d probably just say “what the fuck you fucking pervert?” knowing me. I think the only way he could redeem himself would be to tell me exactly why he just did it,

To be honest that Sam Pepper guy doesn’t exactly look like the kind of guy to be intimidated by, I’m not even entirely sure if he’s into women so I doubt I’d be that offended by him, I’d probably just laugh and ask him what the hell he’s doing.

Anyone else I think they’d have a lot of explaining to do to get them away from the pervert label… I don’t think a laugh and a hug would earn my forgiveness!!

4. Stephanie B

If a guy I didn’t know pinched my bum, I personally wouldn’t find it funny, because to me, that shows he objectifies women as a piece of meat. I think it’s disrespectful and downright rude.

I would stand up to a guy if it was to ever happen to me and probably end up slapping him. If you’re not gonna respect me, then I won’t respect your personal space. Morals within anybody is crucial, I believe. It’s about having respect for yourself and other people.

Sam Pepper fake hand ass pinch

5. Stephanie C

Ha, I don’t think he could redeem himself, he’s just violated a person’s personal space, how would he feel if some random person went up to him and grabbed him by the balls and pinched them?

I think my reaction would be a bitch slap. There is absolutely no point in that ‘prank’ at all it’s not even funny, he just wants to cop a feel of fit girls’ bums, not one of them was unattractive.

6. Kayleigh

I definitely think I would react the same way as the women in the video! I think I would be a bit shocked and confused at first! I’d like to think that once I realised it was a prank that I’d see the funny side! But I do think I would be a bit annoyed that the whole thing was filmed and it was going to end up on the internet!

Although I don’t think the guy came across as rude or intimidating, from a woman’s point of view, it is beyond annoying that some men think they can behave that way towards women, and that this guy is trying to make some sort of joke out of it!

Maybe he should go around and grab some guys in the same manner and see what reactions he gets from them! My money would be on him getting a black eye!

7. Nicole

I don’t think it can even be perceived as a joke. There have been several other stories lately with men objectifying women, especially in a work environment. It is totally unacceptable – how would he feel if people went around grabbing him by the balls? I don’t know how he could redeem himself after that – it is the weirdest “experiment” I’ve ever heard of.

8. Jinny

I would not be impressed if someone had done that prank on me. It’s seedy and he has no right to touch someone there, even if it is a joke. There’s no difference from him touching their breasts.

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