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Backyard Cinema returns for 2015: Guardians of the Galaxy, Amy, Whiplash, Clueless, Grease and more

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Written by Zen Terrelonge

I attended the launch night of Backyard Cinema last year, and what a delightful experience it was.

Things are going to be slightly different this time around, however, as the event returns this summer under the guise of the Backyard Cinema Film Festival.

See what they did there?

Backyard Cinema

The Backyard Cinema has expanded to include an extra screen for 2015. It’s small and intimate, just in case you hate people.

Sure, part of the name change was probably to ensure prospective customers weren’t deterred by thinking they’re being invited to a crazy person’s rear garden for a bit of stale popcorn.

That said, the more significant reason for the rebirth is because the Camden-based event has been expanded from one main screen to accommodate another – The Cuban Screen.

Tucked away further in Camden Market than its big brother, the Cuban Screen has just 50 seats to offer a more intimate setting with a selection of independent and unusual films that may have escaped cinema goers amid studios with bigger budgets shouting louder.

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Films at the festival range from Selma to Guardians of the Galaxy to a Grease singalong.

Films will include Amy, Whiplash, Selma, The Babadook, Nightcrawler, John Wick, Submarine and Mad Max: Fury Road, plus more. In addition to that, special guest appearances can also be expected to accompany the selection of Cuban snacks – or Honest Burgers are available at the main screen – summer cocktails and other beverages on offer.

Meanwhile, in keeping with tradition, the main screen will host old and new films alike including Clueless, which marks the film’s 20th anniversary, and The Goonies, which celebrates its 30th. Some of the more current flicks will include Birdman, Pride and Guardians of the Galaxy, among others.

“We love doing the big shows and the Main Stage in Camden is a real party, but we are equally as excited about this smaller more intimate setting,” said Backyard Cinemas founder Dominic Davies.

If you fancy giving the Cuban cuisine a swerve, Honest Burger is on hand to sate your needs.

If you fancy giving the Cuban cuisine a swerve, Honest Burger is on hand to sate your needs.

“It’s a really cute secret location and it is great to be able to choose a more unusual selection of films that I know will attract real ‘movie buffs’ and even convert some undiscovered ones out there. We want customers to trust our film choice and use outdoor cinema to see something new, not just watch a classic you know and love. In fact, they can do both this year!”

The Backyard Cinema Film Festival at Camden Lock Market will run from 29th July until 4th September 2014 – tickets are priced between £14 and £29, depending on the desired package.