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Just when you were over Ben Affleck playing the Dark Knight, Justin Bieber hints he’s playing Robin in Batman vs Superman

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Written by Zen Terrelonge

When everyone had it in for the young, floppy haired Justin Bieber, I didn’t have a problem with him.

I couldn’t understand the hate he was receiving, and I daresay I even found myself sing along to ‘Baby’ at one time or another.

Now, of course, the kid is an obnoxious bell-end, which I say with the utmost venom. I mean, who spits on their fans or pisses in a cleaner’s bucket?

Anyway, those reading this will be well aware that Ben Affleck will play Batman/Bruce Wayne in the Man of Steel sequel, Batman vs Superman, which he has received a huge amount of fan hate for.

The actor can now breathe easy, however, for fans will surely be after fresh blood now that Bieber has got his grotty, little mitts on a copy of the screenplay and hinted he will be playing Robin.

I certainly hope it’s a hoax, and I highly doubt whether Warner Bros would authorise casting decisions to be announced via Instagram, but the Canadian singer took to his account to post a picture of him posing with the official looking document (see below).

Justin Bieber Batman vs Superman b39022000aa80567_7

All that’s going through my mind now is what the hell are Warner Bros and Zack Snyder thinking?

It’s bad enough this toerag is constantly trending on Twitter, but appearing in a superhero movie and invading the cinema in productions that aren’t about his freakish rise to fame? Outrageous.

I’m not sure what acting acumen the boy has, but I certainly don’t wish to find out. Unless, it’s watching him being thrown into space by Superman.

The image suggests the plot will be based on Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Falls story, which pits Superman against Batman in a violent battle.

Are you looking forward to see the boy wonder play the Boy Wonder?