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The Hemsworths aren’t Australia’s only talented blokes – meet William Singe

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Written by Zen Terrelonge

If you haven’t heard of William Singe, now is the time to get acquainted.

A former contestant on the X Factor Australia, Singe had victory in reach but was unable to come out on top – at least where the show is concerned.

This was back in 2012.  A member of boy band The Collective, Singe was signed to Sony Music Australia as part of the group, which placed third – I suppose you can think of them as One Direction from down under in that respect.

Deciding it was time to pull a Justin Timberlake – or Zayn, if we’re sticking with the 1D comparison – a couple of years later, Singe went solo and started to showcase his talent on, yep, YouTube.

Don’t worry though, he’s not another unruly Justin Bieber in the making – that much was much clear at his gig at the O2 Academy Islington on Saturday 21st May.

William Singe London O2 Academy Islington

“London.. You made me tear up before I even got on stage,” said Singe on Facebook

Singe has cultivated an incredibly loyal following on the Google-owned video network, as well as across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, thanks to his outstanding vocals.

It’s fair to say the 23-year-old has an impressive gift for covering songs, but not in the traditional mundane sense the charts have become a breeding ground for. No, Singe genuinely puts his own stamp on each version and you can feel he’s really putting his heart into every word.

Take Drake’s Hotline Bling, which is a fair party/summer track – Singe sculptured the song into something totally new to reinvent it with added soul.

Taking on songs from the worlds of R&B, hip hop and pop, Singe has covered everyone from TLC to Taylor Swift and Usher to Ed Sheeran. Meanwhile, Conor Maynard was even in the house on the night cheering him on.

See what else happened at recent gigs:

With tickets booked for my girlfriend and I around Valentine’s Day, the 21st finally arrived and Singe was every bit as passionate and enthusiastic live as he is in his videos. Keen to appease the crowd, he apologised for his voice and claimed it was tired from the performance from the night before, but there was absolutely nothing to apologise for.

We were all captivated and hung on to his every word as the bass blasted through each track to create a feel-good party mood, with genres switching between songs. And in addition to the covers we’ve come to know, Singe also showcased to some original material and encouraged the crowd to sing along with him.

The best moment of the evening was when Singe disappeared from the stage for a few minutes, at which point I assumed a wardrobe change was in process, only to reappear at the back of the room – where we just so happened to be located – crooning to the sound of Hotline Bling.

On stage, Singe was keen to highlight the importance of chasing your dreams, and said it wasn’t long ago that he was recording videos in his room, but also thinking about what job he was going to have to get. With the dedication clearly paying off, he said he hoped to inspire at least one person in the audience to try and do what they love.

It’s safe to say, that with such a humble and warm attitude, a fierce appreciation of fans and his incredible talent, Singe deserves great things.

Thanks to Spotify for pushing him onto my Discover list at the start of the year – and a bigger thanks to Singe for clearing up what the hell Fetty Wap is saying in 679.

Catch Singe’s entrance into the crowd below