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John Luther and Bruce Wayne have more in common than you know

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Written by Zen Terrelonge

I know I’m late, but I started watching BBC’s Luther on Netflix last weekend and I have to say I was gripped throughout.

In fact, I’ve already watched series one and two.

But for the benefit of those in the room who haven’t seen the show, it follows broken Detective Chief Inspector John Luther – played by Idris Elba – of the Metropolitan Police Service’s Cold Case unit.

Luther is a man that sees unforgettable acts of evil on a daily basis, and he’s struggling to keep it together as his own personal world collapses around him in the midst of a divorce.

While not a bent copper, he always sets out to do the right thing whatever it takes.

I was halfway through season two and I had a sudden epiphany: John Luther is Bruce Wayne.

v2 DCI John Luther Idris Elba Batman PicsArt_1376244824259

Okay, so there are obvious differences; race, wealth and location to start, but there are also big similarities.

To clarify, I’m referencing the Bruce Wayne from Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight universe.

  • London and Gotham are both severely damaged and seedy cities.
  • Luther and Wayne are the saviours at the centre of these worlds.
  • They both act selflessly for the benefit of others – despite risk of mental and physical damage.
  • Luther can’t seem to let go of the badge in the same way that Wayne can’t relinquish the mask.
  • They will break the law to protect the ones they care about, but their moral compass is always in the right direction.
  • They both have complex relationships with the ‘fairer’ sex: Alice Morgan and Selina Kyle.
  • Morgan and Kyle both appeal to their sense of reason, claiming they don’t owe ‘the people’ any more.
  • Luther’s relationship with Justin Ripley is a lot like Wayne’s relationship with John Blake.

DCI John Luther Idris Elba Batman PicsArt_1376241521264

Elba, of course, has been linked with replacing Daniel Craig in the role of James Bond when the blue-eyed boy decides to hang up his Walther PPK and pass the torch on.

Deranged fans went berserk when Craig took over from Pierce Brosnan as Agent 007, disgusted that filmmakers dare cast someone with blonde hair, so you can imagine how they reacted when a black actor was connected to the post.

So, with that in mind, what I’m about to say will never happen, but Idris Elba would make an incredible Bruce Wayne.

Hear me out – and re-read above if necessary.

DCI John Luther Idris Elba Batman PicsArt_1376241936165

Warner Bros have confirmed that the Man of Steel sequel will feature Batman, and that the two will face off against each other.

Word is that Warner are looking for a Bruce Wayne that’s been in the shoes of the caped crusader for years: impatient, shrewd, experienced, powerful and on top of his game.

These qualities scream John Luther and by effect, Elba.

At one point, Luther actually says: “I’ve been a police officer since God was a boy.”

Sounds like something an orphaned billionaire running around town in a bat suit might say when trying to pinch information out of a piece of Gotham scum.

v2 DCI John Luther Idris Elba Batman PicsArt_1376245035331

Regardless of who will play Wayne, I like the idea that they’ll go down the route of The Dark Knight Returns graphic novel and introduce a seasoned Batman rather than generating another rebirth storyline.

Let’s face it, nothing is going to come close to Nolan’s Batman Begins for a long time and to try and do so would not only be futile, it would be unnecessary even if it is set in another world and another timeline, because we know who he is.

He’s a silent guardian, a watchful protector, a dark knight.

He’s the Batman.

DCI John Luther Idris Elba Batman PicsArt_1376241389075